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One doesn't have to be near the ocean to enjoy attractive waterfront neighborhoods and wonderful beaches. Nestled on the east end of Lake Washington, Kirkland is luring many buyers with its high-end condominiums and charming beach town atmosphere. This growing suburb is conveniently located less than 15 miles from Downtown Seattle. However, residents can find plenty of big-city excitement within Kirkland's borders. The community features dozens of public parks, many excellent restaurants, plenty of shopping and several art galleries.

More About Kirkland

Kirkland DockFor those looking to live on the water in the Greater Seattle area, Kirkland luxury condominiums offer ideal accommodations. The city covers about 8 miles of shore along Lake Washington. In the surrounding neighborhoods, residents get amazing views of the azure waters, Cascade Mountains, and Seattle's skyline across the lake. This attractive environment has made Kirkland a residential paradise for buyers looking to live outside Seattle but close to urban necessities. It's no surprise that Money magazine honored the city in 2014 as the fifth-best place to live in the United States.

As an Eastside suburb, Kirkland radiates a family friendly yet vibrant character that has resonated with new residents. The city has grown substantially since 2010, and it currently has a population of over 80,000. Much of this growth has to do with the strong local job market. Kirkland is home to offices from several major tech companies, including Google, Microsoft and GoDaddy. Local residents range from young tech professionals to suburban families who like living in a high-achieving school district.

To support the influx of homeowners, development has surged throughout the city. Downtown Kirkland, which is located on the shores of Moss Bay, now features a number of businesses, bars and shops. On any given weekend, downtown's main thoroughfare of Central Way will be filled with locals roaming to and from galleries, parks and pubs. There are many Downtown Kirkland condos within walking distance to these attractions.

Life in Kirkland

Kirkland ParkKirkland city planners often like to point out that their hometown has more waterfront parks and beaches than any other municipality in the Puget Sound region. About 25 percent of Kirkland's shore area is made up of park land. This makes the city an ideal retreat for those who love water sports and swimming. Don't be scared off by the region's reputation for rain; the warmer months offer plenty of sunny days for those who enjoy the outdoors.

The northern end of the city is home to Juanita Bay Park, an urban wildlife habitat with nature trails and observation boardwalks popular with birdwatchers. In the adjacent Juanita Beach Park, visitors will find a playground, public dock and enclosed swimming area. The Juanita neighborhood also features a seasonal farmers' market as well as several diners and shops.

There is more public beach area along Moss Bay at Marina Park. In addition to the sandy shore, boat launches and fishing pier, this downtown park is home to an open-air pavilion. Many of the city's biggest events, including the annual Independence Day celebration and Kirkland Uncorked, are held at the Marina Park Pavilion. Locals can also catch some entertainment at the Kirkland Performance Center, an intimate, 397-seat venue for live music, dance and theater.

Where to Find Kirkland Luxury Condos

Considering the solid local economy and housing market, investors can expect Kirkland condominiums to continually grow in value for the foreseeable future. Properties near Lake Washington will be especially valuable as the city population increases. To meet the demands of luxury buyers, waterfront Kirkland condos have been built up and down Lake Washington Boulevard.

Some of the most desirable Kirkland luxury condominiums can be found in the Moss Bay neighborhood near downtown. Buyers who settle in this area will be close to most of the city's best amenities. More waterfront condos are located south of the bay in Lakeview. This neighborhood, which borders Bellevue, is near Northwest University.

Those looking to live by the lake will also find Kirkland luxury condos in near Juanita Bay. Fast-acting buyers may even be able to snag deals near the neighborhood's public beach. Juanita is quite popular as the area is home to several parks and elementary schools.



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