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Our Films

Cinematic Films

A key aspect of VDB Urban Living's diverse marketing strategy is the use of truly cinematic video. The use of video marketing has grown from 2 Billion dollars in 2011 to 8.05 Billion in 2016. VDB Urban Living is also aware that superior video can increase web traffic by more than 55%. More specifically, video can be targeted to match your home to the right tier of buyer.

Therefore, to place your marketing campaign on the leading edge, we employ top quality, professional cinematographers to capture your home in beautiful HD and set the footage to licensed, thematic music. This technical superiority highlights the unique elements and distinct quality of your property. Our gorgeous films are then distributed across our syndicated sites and social media, spearheading the other luxury marketing materials we craft for each home.

Our Films

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Bellevue Towers 2801
Bellevue Towers 2616
Bellevue Towers 1501
Bellevue One Main Street | 201
Bellevue Towers 3716
Bellevue Towers 2115
Bellevue Towers 3003
Bellevue Towers Penthouse 4004
Bellevue Towers Penthouse 4002
Bellevue | Bellevue Towers 3802